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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Give them what they really want!!!

 Hey Loves! Let me help you knock out the rest of your Christmas shopping! Everyone loves receiving some special high quality jewelry {at a great price for you!}  whether its a great bold standout statement necklace, a personalized charm set necklace, or something for the adorable little girls in your life, this stuff is awesome! {}

Offering a special for my amazing blog readers from now till the new year, free shipping on ANY order and orders over 50 will receive free shipping PLUS 10% off your most expensive piece! Its a great time to get a deal on this stuff! 

ALSO, take a look at our spread the love promo below, pick one of this adorable pieces and we will personally send another one to a little girl in need, what is better!?!?

Comment email, or call me today and lets get you done shopping!

 Tis the season to help SPREAD THE LOVE!
This awesome soiree ring was just featured in the Real Simple, gift guide!

Weve got handbags now, and also these cute little clutches, perfect for holiday parties

Our charm collection cant be beat, who doesn't love something personal. What a great gift!

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