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Monday, October 3, 2011

A date night and a surprise!

Last Friday night my mom offered to watch Will so Luke and I could go out on a date, it had been a while, we had a gift card to a nice restaurant by my moms and, I had a special early birthday surprise to share with my hubs. I cannot, repeat, cannot keep a secret, but I did good for the past month or so but it was time to tell Luke what I had in store for the big 3-0!
I had tossed around the idea of Vegas for a long time and it seemed like really good idea till I took into consideration the piles of crap Luke and I feel like after a night out in Saint Louis! Were getting older, were tired parents and spending to feel like crap in Vegas was starting to get me wondering. After much research I booked us a small getaway to Rivera Maya Mexico!
Who cant use a little getaway, especially two overworked, under rested first time parents!
I printed a packed telling Luke the things he would need to take with him on his 30th birthday present some of the things were: golf clubs, cell phone, cash, some days off work, some booze, I was trying to throw him off, then went on to say swim trunks, flip flops, and on the last page... passport!
I wrote a little letter telling Luke how excited I was to have a trip with him, he is such a good husband and daddy and deserves this so much! We leave the day after thanksgiving to go to the new NOW Sapphire resort and I cant wait!

Reading... reading...

Then, getting to the good part!

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