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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27, 2010

One year ago today I looked like this:
And it was my due date with my first baby boy, after 9 months of a {mostly} wonderful pregnancy my due date finally came.... and went. It was a typical Monday and with no signs of baby Wilson other than lots of braxton hicks, I went to work like normal, went home, and put up my hugely swollen feet, after one of the hottest summers known in St. Louis I was ready to meet my baby boy. After a non stress test the end was in sight and I was scheduled to be induced the following Monday at 41 weeks pregnant.

Trying to ignore the signs of a cold that had begun, the next morning I woke up full on sick. I decided that Monday would be my last day of work for a while as I spent the next week relaxing, trying to get better, and tying up my loose ends from home. I just kept worrying what if I am sick and I have the baby, will they let me kiss all over his sweet little face, will I give him my cold, will I be able to puuuuush when I cant even breathe?

To be continued.

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