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Thursday, July 28, 2011

William's book of ABC's

I love making photo books, and I knew I wanted to make something to display at Will's birthday party with some shots from his first year. My sister makes a book for Bennett after every year and it is so cute! I still may do this but after his party so we can include those pictures too. I found out that has board books you can make, you know the hard kind so your kid doesn't destroy it! So I was on a mission....Will has a ton of toys, he gets a lot of great handmedowns from his generous cousins and with more getting presents Luke and I really don't need to get him a big toy this year so I created a very special board book of ABC's with some shots from things we've done in this first year. I started messing around with it for a minute then made it a really neat little book. The site wouldn't let me copy or save my actual pages images so when it comes in the mail I'll take some pictures and post, but here is the cover and a couple of the images I used. It was a lot of work but I think it will turn out really cool and something he will treasure for a long time. I love that there are people he knows in the book and things he likes, I cant wait for it to get here!

K is for Kisses

L is for Laughter

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