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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A first fourth of July

William had a great first fourth of July weekend.... and so did mommy and daddy! Friday night Will spent the night at my moms and Luke and I got to go out on a date, just us two! So many times when we finally get a date night we invite friends along, so it was nice having some time alone. After we rented a movie and went home to relax. It was so nice and just what we needed! The next morning we got some errands done (we got a new mattress, yay!) and went to get Will. Then it was time to go to cousin Bennett's house for some swim time! When Crystal was Bennett's age I was a month old I don't know how she did it!
Sunday we went over to a friend of Luke's family's house that has a big celebration every year, we haven't seen so many of them in a while we got to meet some new kids, see a new (2 week old baby) and learn of some more fun baby news!
Then we stopped by the Denny's so they could get a quick "baby fill" in! It was a late night for Will and he did a great job with it, and slept in a little!

On Monday the fourth we had a great day relaxing as a family of three, got some stuff done around the house and took some naps. It was a perfect celebration and since we skipped it this year, next year we will make sure to do some fireworks! I remember this weekend last year, in my bikini with my beautiful belly, enjoying the holiday. Crazy to think that William was not here yet, hard to imagine what life was like before him! Will hanging with Mr. Denny, this family loves the babies!
Brian and Greg, bring crazy

William and Laura, Laura was born the day after Will and we were at the same hospital so they stayed in the nursery together for a day!

Daddy and Will on fourth of July

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