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Monday, July 18, 2011

3rd in four months

That's right friends, my buggaboo perfect baby has gotten his third ear infection in the past four months. Last week Will popped through 3 NEW TEETH! Two more on top and one on bottom total of 7 teeth, so of course when he was a bit fussy and then turned downright angry Wednesday when I was home with him, we tried everything frozen waffles, Einstein, puffs, frozen wash cloths, all the little tricks that usually work... Well they just plain did not.

When Luke got home and informed me after seeing how frazzled I was that he was leaving for softball soon I about lost it. Till I looked at my sweet miserable Will again and thought, "something just isn't right!" I'm sure my dear husband thought I had fallen off my rocker when the tears started to come, but it just wasn't adding up.We headed upstairs and I took his temperature. 103! 103 in the first ear and 99.9 in the second?!?! What! That is NOT a low grade teething fever. One reason I like the practice we go to is because they have one late night, Thank God this night is Wednesday. I called.we rushed.we made it.

Come to find out all the frozen things in the world were not going to help this boy because he had a full blown ear infection in his left ear, so much so that the doc looked at me and said right away, "he's in a lot of pain mom." The word "bulging" was also used. :(

I love Will to death, and he is the best baby in the WORLD, but dear lord this boy just does not show it when he is sick or in pain. I think that is why this got bad, if he would of been grumpy sooner or something.... anyway. That's neither here nor there.

If this almost once a month keeps up we will talk about tubes, I hate to talk about it when he is so young so I really hope they go away. But we are already looking closely at what antibiotics he has been on so we don't get him immune to any of them so if that is what we need to do to make these go away than we will. We will do whatever we have to for this little guy.

So of course I rushed to get his prescription and held him till bedtime, after that it was time for some mommy juice. I used to think there was nothing a good dinner and a glass of wine couldn't fix, boy are those days over! I sat and sank in my mommy guilt... I blamed, and thought, and cried. Luke felt like a piece of s*#% when he got home, and I'm sorry but I think he should of went to the doctor with me, where a bag was put on Will's private parts to collect urine and check it for an infection, then leaked all over lil man and the diaper bag Luke put in my car did not have an extra outfit in it and I looked like a horrible mommy. Why is it these things always happen with the mommy?

But Will is on meds and doing better, this ear infection took by far the longest to stop hurting I can tell. And the meds are once again strong and causing bad diarrhea. {insert, all over mommy crib, sheets, blankies this morning.} But, this too shall pass.... all in all we had a great weekend...

And HEY, at least I'm not THIS bad of a failure!:

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