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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1, 2, SIX carseats!

Ha! Holy moly if you took a look in mine or Luke's cars right now you would think we were pregnant with sextuplets!! That's right friends between the hubs car and mine we are holding hostage six car seats.
Here is the rundown/my dilemma! I cannot lift the infant (Chico) seat with boobaby in it anymore so I made an appointment at safety stop because I have heard about them from friends. They help you install your seats and also sell some seats AT COST! I knew I needed to get a car seat for Jackies car so the kiddos can go on "field trips" over the summer. We had one car seat my cousin Chad and his wife gave us, an Evenflo Triumph or Momentom I believe. It is kinda big so we figured that would go in Luke's explorer and we would buy a new one for my car (camry) I bought one at walmart but was not pleased with the reviews so on the way to safety stop went and bought an Evenflo Titan Elite from babies r us. I like the look of it and the fact that it is not HUGE.
Got to safety stop and went over some things with the lady, I decided to buy Jackies car seat from there, it is 30.00 and nice and new, just not TOP of the line.
She went to install the Titan in my car and after standing, holding Will, in the sweltering heat and numerous attempts I had to of gotten the one faulty one. I didn't even know they could make such a thing! But this thing did NOT work! Will and I were drenched so in the infant seat he went (poor boy got pulled in and out of that damn Titan so much!) and we went home! Luke's turn. They got his in, but he said HE had to do it, the girl was not strong enough. Mind you this is her job... But once he got home and he went to show me how to use it, I cannot do it nor should we have to jerk with this think for the next 2 + years. In short: to tighten the straps there is not a pully strap there is a bar, you have to twist the bar to get it tight and pull a lever and twist at the same time to get it loose. My thumb was beat red from trying and trying!
We also have Bennett's car seat in Luke's car from him picking him up last weekend.... SIX!

After deciding we needed to take my two back and probably just go get two new ones for both of us, Luke's brother just called and said they have two Britax's we can have. In consumer reports it says that they are very high end and one of the best. This is great, although Peyton will be six in September, so these seats are probably near 5 years old. Should we use them or go buy two new?

If we take them before we make any returns we will have eight... can we say holy car seats batman!?! :)


  1. holy car seats momma:) we have the triumph and titan and love them both. Jason drives a Montero and I have an Accord. I prefer the triumph because it's bigger and feels more substantial. However, this car seat primarily stays in my car and it's pretty easy to use. The titan is super easy to switch between cars and is smaller for road trips, etc... for what it's worth:)

  2. holy car seats ;o)
    B is still in her infant seat. i am so dreading the day.
    I say get the Britax's. On average I think they are good gor 6 to 7 years. So you have what 2 more years. That buys you some time ;o)

  3. Yikes! We're using hand-me-downs from my niece, so maybe we'll get lucky and be able to keep up that trend. They should have expiration dates on the back or bottom somewhere.


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