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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I admit it, I talk baby..., it started with some words here and there but now I've noticed some just come automatic to me, thought it'd be fun to keep track of some of the Wilanguage going on at the Wilson's!

Tubby: Bath

Jams/ Jammajams: Pajamas

Baba: Bottle

Numm Numm: Yummy

Pookster, Buggaboo, Sugar bear, snuggle bunny: William

NighNigh: Good night

Dadadadada: Daddy

Mamamamamam: Mommy

One doctors view of babytalk:

"Beweave" it or not, baby talk helps babies learn language. Research shows that babies prefer to listen to our silly baby talk from birth. Why is that you ask? Well, consider what baby talk sounds like. It tends to be high pitched and very sing-song, and we drag out vowels such as, "HIIIIII baby" So baby talk stands out in their environment compared to the boring way we talk to other adults.

Babies can pick things out of language quicker when they hear it in baby talk, so theirs no reason to try to suppress the kind of baby talk you do naturally. You share a lot of happy positive feelings to your baby when you do it, and your baby enjoys it!

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