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Monday, May 16, 2011

Productive weekend and fun first birthday!

Doesn't it just seem like Friday ends, tired from the week but ambitious to make the most of Friday night and the weekend, then before the blink of an eye dishes are being done, desperate housewives is starting and we are gearing up for another week?
How do we stop this vicious cycle and make the weekends more a time for relaxing and reconnecting?
I think it is Springs fault, at least that's what I will blame it on... we have had lots of yard work plus (yes still trying) to finish the last few projects on the basement, and clean our house/keep up with laundry it seems that is what we do most weekends. But it is fine, I still enjoy doing those things and spending lots of time with lil Will.
Will's best friend Evan, (babysitter Jackie's son) turned ONE last Wednesday! I cant believe Will's little friends are getting so old. This weekend was his super fun party at The Little Gym. Will loves it there, he gets to crawl, climb, and explore and a great time was had by all!

Being there made me start to think what we will do for Will's first birthday! I am confused on what to do about friends, some of our friends invite us to their kids first birthdays and some don't, so it is a sticky situation I feel like. Also if we do families and friends I feel like the group is pretty large and makes me worry if we would do something at our house. Then I started thinking of doing an "open house" type party because I think it would be more relaxed and maybe less overwhelming for Will, if you have an opinion on this or advice on what you tried please feel free to share!

Any who, 4 more months to think about that (:O ) Onto the pics.... BEST friends!
Jackie and I and our boys <3
Our boys thought the sticks were teething toys. Faith and friends jumping
Faith is such a sweet little girl and loves to play with and entertain Will.

Getting blown up with the jump jump


The best friends crawling and having a ball

Cake time!

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  1. In my opinion, the first birthday party is mostly about the adults. The kids are still too little to really know what's going on and won't remember anyway. That being said, I think you should give all the people close to you the opportunity to attend - they love you and Will and want to celebrate this first year with him. It's different when they're bigger and the party is about them, but for this one accept that it's really for you.

    If you do an open house type thing, my only suggestion would be to announce the time you plan to do cake because that's the main attraction of a 1st birthday party. Then people can come whenever but if they want to see that then they know when to be there.


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