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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Plan...

Between.... Chasing a bobbing, cruising, crawling, Boomer chasing naked bootie boy,

to giving baba's and sweet lovins at every chance we get,

to wrestling around for diaper changes with a constantly rolling/Boomer chasing baby... It was time for a change: The Plan!

I do like to believe I have "it all" whatever "it" may be, now keeping it all in check, that is the real dilemma!
For those of you that don't know, when a baby enters your life, no matter how prepared or how long you've wanted this little addition, your world gets turned upside down! From the house always being dirty to lack of sleep to piles of endless paperwork sometimes it seems there is no end in sight. Luke like many other males has no hesitation when planning weekend golf outings, weeknight softball games, and weekend hunting trips. When the momma wants to go get a pedicure, or just even get to the store by herself it requires a mere miracle, on top of all of this there is no time left for the two of us, you know the two people who liked to go to dinner and to a movie together once upon a time. So were trying to change things up a bit!

I think after many discussions Mr.Wilson is starting to see that things need to change a bit for his lovely wife to stay sane... The other night he defrosted pork chops for dinner and decided that is what we would have all on his own. This has never happened as it is usually up to me or were both left scrambling around when we get home from work, so this was a proud mommy moment. Sorry....onto the plan:

Monday: Normal night with William as a happy family of three
Tuesday: Date night, either make a yummy dinner or get take out and eat after Will goes to bed and then talk and hang out or do something together. It is finally nice enough we can have a drink and sit on the deck and talk! OR go out to eat together, we might take Will to Luke's dads and go early before bed some nights or get a sitter. We don't have the extra money right now but if it is going to help things out then we'll make it work.
Wednesday: Luke's softball/guys night, sometimes games are canceled and he still has the chance to go play golf or meet the guys for a beer. Sometimes Will and I will go to his games or we will just hang out at home together. Wednesday is also mommy and William night.
Thursday: Mommy's night! Thursdays I am not allowed to go home after work, every other night one of us picks up Will and I go home and do not stop running around ie: a mommys job is never done. So Thursdays Luke gets Will and I will either work out, meet a friend for happy hour, go to the mall, or even just go to Target or the grocery store, as long as it is a little mommy sanity time away. This is also daddy and Will night.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: all vary with different social events and things going on this summer but we are really trying to start going to church as a family, it is hard because Will usually takes a nice morning nap right around that time. But it is a habit I would like to get in!

Luke has been working longer hours at work and I am still learning how to balance it all. I am hoping the new plan gives all of us a nice schedule to fall in, things have been a little rough but after all were all still learning! I realize that it is a bit personal to post about this however I love to look back at the changes that have taken place in our lives over the months and years. Just the other day I was reading about when we moved into our house and this Texas trip, ohh how times have changed! I also know that a lot of new mommies that I reach out to for support that I have learned from so its always good to share struggles and successes. I'll keep you updated on "the plan!"

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  1. What a great plan. I so wish hubby and I could work things like that out. We are at each other's throats here lately! Good for you guys!!


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