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Friday, May 20, 2011

The list could go on...and on....

I could go through and tell you all the amazing baby products that were my "must haves" and that really helped us through those first few months and still help us, but instead I thought I'd tell you about my one favorite one! Also one that I get A LOT of questions, comments, and emails on so now I have a place to direct people!

I cannot say enough great things about the Summer Video Monitor! My sister had a video monitor and loved it, I didn't know if this expensive techy gadget was a necessity but I now don't know how we would get by without it! I'm sure everyone has their own story of their first night home from the hospital, you really just don't know what to do. You go from nurses and doctors taking care of their every need to... all looking at each other not quite sure what to do.

Luke and I are pretty relaxed parents but that first night we couldn't kick the fear that Will was swaddled, on his back and would spit up and choke on it. So we did what any parents would do and stayed awake and watched him... at one point Luke was laying on the floor next to the crib.
Quickly things got easier and we all became in sync with each other but at every cough, sneeze, twitch, and even cry. It was so nice not to jump up out of bed or run up the stairs to see if everything was ok, at the click up a button we could see Will sleeping soundly and you just cant imagine that reassurance.

Flash forward, he moves and boy does he love to move. With a traditional monitor what I would of thought was a 2 hour nap... well is not. Will loves to play with his blankie, and his ocean fish on his crib, and sing and talk to himself. It is fun to watch, also helps me know when he's woken up because he rarely cries when he wakes up.

I snapped a picture last night, but this was his little play before sleep time, Usually when I look in at bedtime all I see is a peaceful sleeping baba.

I couldn't recommend this product anymore!

People ask me if it was worth it (priced at 200 at babies r us) and YES Yes it was! I waited till I had a 20% off coupon (40 bucks off!) and used gift cards from my showers to buy it.

Another thing I often tell my new mommy friends (who want to breastfeed yay!) Is to check out the breast pumps at the hospital store or Cotton babies The breast pump I got below was priced at 280 from babies r us, but I got it in the hospital for 200 bucks!

Last tip: take as many nasal aspirators from the hospital as you can get your hands on, they are the ONLY ones that work well, and if you end up with a kid that gets snotty sometimes like mine they are good to have multiples!

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