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Monday, April 25, 2011

Weve been busy!

Work, life, love, baby, home, and family have had me busy the past week or two! We had a wonderful Easter weekend full of family... and tornado's! And we are SO looking forward to our upcoming trip... We leave this Thursday for North Carolina! It has been raining in St Louis for like the past three months, at least that's what it feels like!

Here are some pics to update you with what we've been up to!

ALL pics are from my phone sorry for the quality (time for an iphone 4, maybe for my bday?) Luke if your reading this, I'm just kidding I can think of lots of other things.... ;)

We dug out some of our summer goodies and tried them on! This hat should do to block some of this fair skin daddy gave Will.

Dress on order! Thanks for your votes!

I went and tried them all on and decided on the halter!

Sent pictures of all to the lovely bride for approval :)

We learned how to open presents yay!!!! My mom got both the boys a new educational toy (score!) from the smart kids shop, though I think Will liked his wrapping better than his toy...

Yummy, a bow just for me to EAT!
Were acting the same as we did when the bottom two teeth poked through, so I think we might have some more coming in! LOTS of chewing going on, and we have a FULL time crawler!!!! I absolutely love watching my little crawler learn and experience everything, last night he did something new, crawled from the family room to the kitchen and crawled right up my legs :)

Our Parents As Teachers 6 month visit was Monday night. Will was perfect as usual and got A++ on his 6 month evaluation. He did his "attack" on me during her visit where he totally goobers me and tries to literally eat me so the teacher said she thinks we'll be seeing some new teeth soon too.

More Chewing!!! Double TIME! Isn't this picture the best!
Also time to mention, tending to Will's double ear infection has kept us busy as well!
I don't know if you remember in the last post I did I said I thought I noticed that he was getting sick again. Were on antibiotics and hoping to kick it and feel better by out trip!
(photo courtesy of Miss Jackie)

We eat PUFFS!!!!! My big big boy.... sniffle sniffle!
(photo courtesy of Miss Jackie)


I know your probably wondering, YES I am super jealous of Jackie that she gets to hang out with these two hilarious and adorable boys everyday, THANK YOU to Jackie's hubby for allowing her to do this and Jackie for take amazing care of our sweetheart!

(photo courtesy of Miss Jackie)

We got mommy a couple new tops (that fit!) for our spring/summer/and our trip!

Will LOVES mirrors so having him in the dressing room is usually do-able

And lastly I don't think it will be long before I am blogging about a completely finished (awesome!) BASEMENT! Yaaa Hooo! Started hanging some things on the wall now just need counter tops for the bar, baseboards up in the bathroom and need to reorganize the storage area and were DONE!

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