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Friday, April 15, 2011

A typical day revisited...

Well friends William is about 6 1/2 months and ohhh how times have changed! I just went back and looked at our typical day BW: before Will (ie click that to see link) and it really is funny how much has changed in such a short time! I think it will be fun to go back and look at this again when he is older, and remember these times. Since then Luke's work schedule has changed which has really worked out nicely so he can help a bit more.

95% of the time Will sleeps all the way through the night so we are either awoken by him around 6 or the alarm goes off at 5:45 and we hit snooze and then I get up drag my butt out of bed and take a shower, since it takes longer for me to get ready I get going first. We both get ready and if Will awakes during this time one of us gets his meds and bottle and feds him then he plays on the floor of our room or bathroom till we are done. After eating he is usually really content and happy during this time which works out well. He and Luke go downstairs while I finish getting ready and Will plays in his highchair while we pack lunch, make coffee, and get our things together for work and the babysitters house. Around 7 it is time to hit the road, Luke usually takes Will since it is on his way to work.

Some days I will run a quick errand during lunch or right after, some days I wont. I like to pick up Will from Jackie's so I can chat with her and see how their day went but it usually depends on how our days go and what we have going on that night on who picks up. Will is not quite crawling TO us yet, but he definitely knows when we get there and it is just the best feeling in the whole world to scoop him up in my arms after 9 long hours and all is right in the world yet again because he is with me.

Will typically stays up and plays for 2-3 hours at a time which leaves him usually taking three naps throughout the day. There are days there are two naps but usually it is three. He now eats solid food for breakfast (a fruit and rice cereal) a snack (a veggie) and dinner (a veggie and cereal, going to try meats soon!)

Once home I feel like we are at the Nascar race track and trying to get everything done! We try to decide our dinner, feed Will his dinner, give Boomer a little attention, chat about our days and make any phone calls or emails we need to, and some nights give Will a bath. Now we are doing about three baths a week depending on what we did that day or how messy dinner gets ;)

Usually (depending on naps from the day) around 6:45,7 Mr. Cranky Pants comes to visit our home. We hold off as long as we can before put on a bedtime diaper, give medicine, and have a bedtime bottle. Bedtime right now is around 7:30

Then the kitchen/house is cleaned up a bit and it is time to relax, now don't get me wrong I COULD go work out at this time, but after a full day of work and an infant who has the energy? Not.this.girl. I've contemplated getting up at 5 am to get a work out in but we've yet to see that happen as well... This week I've done great and resorted to eating healthier, fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast and awesome salads for lunch. I will be in a swimsuit (possible bikini) in two weeks from today....holy flipping hell.

No, no, its more like idol, modern family, emails, words with friends, a glass of wine, ice cream and some couch time before.... you guessed it lather.rinse.repeat. I love every second of it and I am blessed and love my life but man a day to sleep in would be nice, if we could only hit snooze on Will a few times!

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  1. What a great idea...I might steal this post idea if you don't mind ;)


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