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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And that makes three years!

Today marks the hubs and my third wedding anniversary! It is a whole new love you fall in when you meet your children, this year has been full of pregnancy, the birth of our first born, and a first fun six months with him! Though not everyday has been all smiles and laughs, we've definitely had our fair share of ups and downs. I think we will lay low tonight and enjoy dinner and sometime with our little sweetheart. Friday Luke's stepsister babysat for us and we enjoyed a quiet nice night with dinner out at Chili's and caught some of the baseball game, then headed to the boat for some gambling and did our best for a full night and sleeping in in their awesome hotel. With basement and medical expenses it totally helped us out to have a free sitter, used gift cards to have a free dinner, and Luke's step mom hooked it up with the free room, score! Not sure if we will do presents or not, the traditional one is leather but I told Luke to go pick out himself some new sunglasses, he left his in Florida on "accident" He has been wanting new ones for a while so not sure how much I believe this. ;) They were the ones I got him for college graduation in 2005! So he did good with those and deserves some new ones! Me, I have been {hinting majorly} a very good girl and deserve a bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay well see!
April 12 2008 we wed as husband and wife and had the best time celebrating with all of our family and friends. I will never forget this day.

2009 We went to celebrate at the Cardinals game, it was a gorgeous day.

2010- We had just went to spring training in Florida and I was newly prego and we didn't do too much, but I got my iphone that I still LOVE!

Our beautiful room

2011 Dinner and night out at Ameristar
Elevator shot! We needed ONE picture! :) Sorry Luke I know you hate this one.

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