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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A special sitter for Will

I started back to work at the beginning of the year and we are already on our third sitter... I was a little distraught after the last one quit. It was a typical Friday and as far as I could tell everything was fine. I got home about 4:45 and we were headed to a friends for dinner when I got a text from her quitting. The text was very long and wordy but in a nutshell she had some issues with us. Things were ever chaining, his schedule use of binkies and swaddles, she didn't believe A BABY should be put on a schedule, she didn't feel like she was ever good enough, and so on (I could go on forever)
I don't think we are too strict or anything when it comes to Will, just trying for his routine and days to stay as consistent as we can since there are three different people watching him throughout the week (a sitter, Luke's mom, and myself) It became apparent very fast that this was all for the best and all would work out. But it didn't help that in the pit of my stomach I wondered why this lady hated me so much and quit over a text, with no notice! I had no one for Monday and was a wreck by the time we got to dinner... That night went from bad to worse when we got a phone call from my mom.
After a week of lots of online research, lots of phone calls, and some more visits, Jackie was brought into our life! Jackie is a stay at home mom of a sweet little girl, Faith, and a 10 month old little boy Evan. She, like many stay at home moms was getting a little bored and wanted a little part time buddy for Evan. So far it has been a perfect match on both parts and we couldn't be more pleased! Will goes to Jackie and Evan's house and hangs out with them for the day, he has a pack and play over there and lots of fun toys. Jackie just went through all the same things with her kids so we are right on the same page together with everything and that really seems to help! The other night she emailed me a couple pictures of our boys together.
You really have to trust and love who has your kids all day and
I can happily say right now that I do. Will hanging out at Miss Jackies
Hello Evan!

Little Buddies!


  1. So sweet! I'm so glad you found someone you trust.

  2. This sounds like such a fabulous arrangement now!!!


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