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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A post of updates!!!

I feel like so much has been happening lately it is almost hard to keep up with it all!

Will has been doing pretty good with food, so far he has had: Rice cereal, applesauce, avocado, and pears. I'd like to try and make my own baby food when I can. I like the fact that I know what goes into it and it is a big money saver! I got 6-7 portions of avocado from one piece! Luke hates feeding Will, he wipes his mouth after every bite and just generally dislikes it, not sure what to do about this. Since Will has reflux (silent) getting him started on foods will help him.

He had a follow up with the specialist Wednesday, everything seemed to be looking good! Minus the fact that we cant get rid of this nasty runny nose, he is doing great! We will keep him on his two reflux medications for now and he will eventually out grow them. We go back in two months.

He is about to crawl!!!! The boy loves his tummy, then mommy started putting him up on his hands and knees, now he knows how to get up on his own, and recently he has started rocking a bit when he is up there! Sometimes he will pick up a hand to reach out and get something, so it wont be long!.... Whoa, not sure I am ready for this!

Tuesday our sitters daughter came down with strep again, she gets it a lot so it turns out she is going to need her tonsils out. I decided to bring Will to work with me so he didn't have to go to the pediatrician with them again, and I'm still hoping to kick this runny nose so I have been a freak about germs lately! He was a good boy and got to hang with grandpa for a bit, but it sure is hard to get things done with him here! Or should I say hard to be at my desk and not on the floor kissing that sweet face! We also went through three outfits in about 5 hours, that was fun ;)

After spending Tuesday and Wednesday just me and the lil man, today was hard, so the video Jackie posted on my facebook sure did help me have a little "mommy fix" today! Especially since I wont see Will till bedtime at 8 tonight, Thursdays are going to be a little rough!

Playing on the floor of mommy's office

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