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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More results....

Yesterday we got back the rest of the results for Williams lab work and the cultures they took out of his lungs last Friday. It turns out he does have a bacterial infection and reflux :(

The infection could of stemmed from a cold that he just couldn't kick on his own but we are on antibiotics and it should help him fight this off and hopefully help his cough a lot!
Right now...
One med we do twice a day
One we do four times a day
and the new antibiotic we do twice a day, that is twice a day he gets three doses of meds in one sitting. UGH I hate having to give him this much medicine. However on the other hand I am so ready for him to start feeling better and maybe this antibiotic will do the trick! He's had one dose so far and our optimistic daddy says he already sees an improvement ;)

He scored an 82 for reflux, 100 or over is VERY bad reflux, so Will has it and his number is pretty high. He has silent reflux since he doesn't spit up with it, which is worse because the acid going up (and back down) is causing all this irritation in his throat.

We go back to the doc in two weeks and we will reevaluate the infection and reflux.

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  1. Yuck! Poor little man. But at least you finally have answers and hopefully he can kick this cough and start getting better ASAP! I'm thinking of you guys! XOXO


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