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Friday, March 25, 2011

Checking in....

Well its been a week since I posted last, so I just thought I would check in quick! This picture just completely sums up my life right now... Every minute I have or can I am loving on this little man because no matter what I do he is growing up and I am trying to soak in every last baby minute I can! It is inevitable his 6 month mark is around the corner and I am having hard times coping with this...
Luke is leaving today for his Florida trip to watch the Cardinals in Spring training and I have done a day and night here and there by myself but not 4 days so it will be fun and interesting I'm sure!
We got the lights hung above the bar and the vanity and toilet all installed this past weekend and started cleaning out and organizing the basement, its almost all done! I'm going to try to get out and shop for barstools this weekend... If our lovely St. Louis spring time snow doesn't keep me indoors!
Luke's mom had her back surgery this past Monday, I took her home from the hospital yesterday and she is doing okay... please pray for a speedy recovery for our sweet Gigi!
Will got to sit in the bath last night with his big boy cousin Bennett, I'll have to post about that soon with some pictures! :)
Hope all is well on your end fellow bloggers!

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