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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baseball, picture out takes!

Luke is back from Florida, he had a great time with his friends and even got to hang out with some of the players! They also got to do batting practice at the stadium, I'm sure he was in heaven, and I'm sure I will have NO more stories, information, or photos to share with you....dumb boys! ;)
I was lucky enough to find us some opening day tickets, switch some things around with the babysitter and my work schedule and score Luke a pretty sweet surprise of us going to the game this Thursday! We've never been to opening day and we really do it up with the festivities here in STL. So Monday night while he was out with the boys in Florida Will and I texted him this picture.

Luke was excited, and this was just about the best picture I could get, but I wanted to share my outtakes with ya!

The sign and paper were Ohhhh SOOOO interesting!

Made me thankful for my monthly onsies, my sister tried using signs and I remember that being difficult! :)

Got it! And I need to EAT it!

UGH, WILL LOOK THIS WAY!!!!!!! No no no, stop looking at Boomer, Whom is trying to get in the picture and eat all the balls, look at me!

After we got something usable (is that a word?) on my phone, we got out the regular camera and had some fun....
These two were being pretty darn cute. Boomer would take the ball away and go play with it then come back and lick Will, Will would squeal in excitement...!
Watching Boomer


  1. love these pictures and aren't you just the greatest wife ever! I'm sure y'all will have an awesome time:)

  2. Love it! What a cute and clever idea! Have a great time tomorrow! :)


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