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Friday, February 11, 2011

say yes or no to drugs?

Yesterday after much discussion with the specialist, he said he would like to see us try the reflux remedies a bit longer and then he prescribed William another (in addition to) prescription. This one is supposed to help strengthen his lower esophagus.

I am not one to take medicine, if I have a headache I suck it up, I never rush for the medicine cabinet, I even thought about doing a natural childbirth (thank god I didn't) But to see my baby on medicine after medicine and in my eyes he is a perfectly healthy baby is starting to get the best of me.

We add cereal to his bottles to make it a heavier consistency, they make a formula with added rice consistency which might mix better and be a better alternative for us. With a very heavy heart I hate to say we are thinking of trying this out and seeing if he will take it. I truly believe that breast milk is the very best and of course I wanted my baby to have the very best so I don't think we will completely eliminate the use of breast milk.
And he is pretty finicky so I don't even know if he will allow the change to happen.

I am carrying the guilt around like a ton of bricks. Should we get a second opinion, should he be on all this medication, should we switch him to formula, maybe if we'd of went to the doctor sooner,
I am making myself sick.... I need to realize, all we can do is keep trying.

So we will...
Try the new medicine.
See if he will take Enfamil AR even just for one feeding a day to begin the change.
Continue to not let him lay flat (anywhere)

And we will keep a close watch on him and his cough

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  1. As you know...Jack has reflux-BAD! We recently started feeding him two formula bottles a day and have seen such a difference in him. We also give him Myclicon drops after each feeding which is compatible with his prescribed medicine (Zantac). Also- we placed a big pillow under his mattress so its on an angle. That helps too!


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