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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Friday at St. Johns

Recap on what is going on with my little baby Will...

I ended up getting in right away for his upper gi (next test) and decided to get in with the specialist on the same day. I have already missed a lot of work and would already but up at St. Johns with Will. And when you already have the big stroller out, diaper bag packed etc why not!

I am so glad I did. We did the upper gi, where Will had to drink this solution and they watched to see what his insides were doing with it. After that we went to the specialist and he looked at the results, talked with me for a while, and found that Will has reflux. Though he doesn't have the normal symptoms of it, spitting up all the time and generally fussy.
Will's starts to come back up and irritates his throat which after happening for a while has lead to his croupy sounding cough.
We are now on medicine (that I cannot get him to take, he spits right back out, any suggestions for this?) We put cereal in his bottle when he gets pumped milk, he never lays flat on his back, we are not even supposed to lift his legs when we change a diaper and he swings side to side instead of front to back.

After a couple weeks I will go back to the specialist and we will evaluate things to see if this worked. Hopefully it does because I do not want to have any more testing done, while all went well it certainly is stressful!

Thanks for checking in on us and thinking of us!!!


  1. Poor little Will, but I am so glad that y'all got some answers. I never would have thought that happy little man of yours had reflux, crazy!!!

  2. I found you from 'Momma Wilson's' blog. My son was born 1 day after Will and he is also on reflux meds. If the med that you are talking about him spitting out is Zantac, then you can have your pharmacist flavor it. My son didn't like it at first also but doesn't seem to mind it now.


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