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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My ohh my Miss Eliza

Last Saturday evening I hosted a couples baby shower for my dear friend Michelle. She and her husband Adam are expecting their first little baby girl Eliza March 24th. It was a great time filled with LOTS of laughter, great friends, and of course baby gifts! At one point I was sitting on the couch looking into our kitchen and my heart felt so very full. It is not often you have all of your favorite friends at your house smiling and having a wonderful time. The food was delish! And the spiked mommy juice was a big hit. Had such a great time I didn't snap too many pics but I did stay up till 3 am laughing my butt off at the kitchen table with our out of town friends, Luke and I were needlessly to say a little blurry eyed when the prince woke up at 5!

Will has been liking baby Einstein a lot and it really helped me prepare for the shower!

Parents to be filling out their baby scattagories game.

Some friends on the couch
(plus two babies in the bellies)

Abbie cutting the Awesome cake!

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