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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tech-ie Babies!

After reading THIS ARTICLE it makes you realize just how dependent our children are going to be on smart phones and Internet. Their world is just going to be very different than it was when I was younger. It is a little sad that they are not going to know how to use a dictionary or a phone book, but I think it is also pretty cool. We have come so far that these things are not needed anymore and there are such easier ways to do things. I also cant imagine how much more dramatized high school would be if we'd of had facebook, ohh wow can you imagine all the changes in relationship statuss' ha!
Will doing tummy time while looking at mommies iphone.
He loves one of the rattle apps that I have, and it even helped us in the doctors office when trying his first breathing treatment.

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  1. Hi Ash! I'm back in the blogging world & was so excited to catch up on your little addition. Such cute pics of him with the iPhone :)


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