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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lose the Baby Weight -- Without Really Trying

I'm sure I'm not the only Momma out there with a New Years Resolution that involves dropping a few lbs! While breastfeeding can definitely help shed pounds it also gives me an extreme appetite, which doesn't help matters.

So my goal is to eat healthy, which I already do a lot of but now I am kicking it into overdrive
And to get moving as much as I can, which is hard since we are finishing the basement because I cant get to the elliptical or any other equipment.

Going back to work should help me with my goals because I am not sitting at home eating all day!

Lose the Baby Weight -- Without Really Trying

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  1. You can do it!! (Although last I saw you, you looked fantastic already). If you want to wait awhile, I'll kick it into overdrive with you in May! :) I have some serious work to do after I get the approval from the doc to work out after this baby girl comes. I'll be going NUTS in May I'm sure if you want to work out (or at least motivate each other) together!

    Love you!


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