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Monday, December 6, 2010


Saturday morning I went to a Strollerfit class It is a work out class designed to help you work out and bring your baby with you. It was great, Will even slept the whole time and let mommy work out! The other older kids had a really good time with it as well! I was one sore mommy for the rest of the weekend but it was worth it and hopefully something I can keep up with on Saturdays once I go back to work.

Side note, the class is out at the mills mall a mall that is on my way to work, when driving there I completely missed the exit and was two exits away from work! Good ol mommy brain, ha!

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  1. I started Strollerfit when the girls were about 6 mos old and kept with it until they were about 17 mos. I absolutely LOVED it! It was so fun to be with other Mommies and it really gives you a workout targeted for a Mom. I only stopped going b/c it wasn't really close to our house and the girls started sleeping in later. You should def keep with it, it is so great!


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