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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 Weeks and whats going on

Will man is 11 weeks old, there are some things I wanted to jot down and keep track of for now so sorry if this bores you ;)

Will is now very good at sleeping through the night if he has his normal nighttime routine: last feeding upstairs with calm surroundings. Going down about 10 waking between 5:30 -6:30

Wake up, eat, stay up for about an hour- two and back down for a long morning nap, depending on what is going on for the day naps throughout or one longer evening nap, then bed around 10 pm.

I am having so much fun with him (of course) but was probably "ready" as a momma to go back to work at about 9 weeks.

When Will is on his belly for tummy time he can roll over to his back.

Loves to have conversations and coo' back and forth with me while smiling throughout.

Right now we are working on grabbing toys with our hands, however kicking the bears is always MUCH more interesting and exciting! He loves to have one hand near is mouth, doesn't find the thumb (thank goodness) or suck on much but likes it up there, (see pic above)

Still in 0-3 month clothing but wore his first 3-6 month (Christmas jammies) last night and they fit perfect, so bittersweet to me when we go up a size. Size one diapers but not sure how much longer that will last either :(

Going on our first road trip this Friday and Momma is already anxious and nervous about packing for another person and thinking about things I might forget, wouldn't it be easier to just pack the whole house? We need a bigger car.


  1. aww so sweet!! I can't believe he is already 11 weeks old!! What a big guy!

    Good luck this weekend. You'll figure it all out. Being a parent is a trial and error process and you're already a great mom. Although I'm with ya on the bigger car idea! We need one too! :)

  2. So cute! Don't stress about the trip we are getting ready to take one as well thurs-sun this will be our 2nd road trip 7+hours. And not to mention already the flights to & from CA. It seems harder than it actually is ;O) I think I will be more stressed when she knows what's going on & doesn't want to sit for that long haha have a fun & safe trip!

  3. Jack won't tolerate tummy time. He just screams! That's so cool that Will rolls over!


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