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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sugar and Spice.. Naughty and Nice.

I love Will more than words can express, I don't even want to try to count the number of kisses he gets on a daily basis, and I already cannot remember or imagine what our life would be like without this perfect little boy in our life.

The first month has been great, I really CANNOT complain about him one bit. He cries when he is hungry or uncomfortable or tired. And he has some fussy spells at night, that's it! I have nothing to compare him to, but all in all I think he is a very good baby.

With that said, I don't want to sugar coat anything and I have some friends going through pretty rough times with their babies lately. I think it should be said that this is not a piece of cake, it is hard, it is lonely, the days take a LONG time to pass, and there have been tears shed by all of us.

When it is hour two or three of your baby crying and you have tried everything it is hard, it defiantly helps that in the evenings Luke and I can switch off who tries to soothe. And why is it that the second our dinner is hot and ready (the dinner that was nearly impossible to make while holding a baby) is right when he decides to cry. Or the second my eyes close for a little shut eye during the day he decides it is time to wake up?!
The nights where instead of two times up a night it turns to 3 or 4 or it takes an hour or two to get him back down which means he will just be up again soon.

The reason I say these things is not to complain but to point out that in all the fun, lovely times I am having and posting about there are difficult times as well. I do not know how young mothers have the patience to do this, or single moms do it ALL by themselves.

Luke has been a big help and I am very thankful for him, I am trying to make his life as easy as possible by taking care of the household things while he is at work, and letting him have time to himself as well. Sunday before dinner with my family he went and played a long round of golf with his friends and this weekend, well I must be crazy because he is going deer hunting.
That's right, I'm at it all weekend alone. I have not even done a night alone much less a whole weekend....

I am trying to make some plans because I can barley handle just the days by myself with no one to talk to, and I might go crazy if I have to do the evenings and nights as well!

Good Luck new mommies, Well make it... one baby step at a time!


  1. Sounds like you're doing great!!! William is so cute!!!

  2. Good for you for not being afraid to admit that it is tough to be a Mommy, let alone a brand new one. It sounds like you guys are getting in a nice routine and do not worry about this weekend, you will be fine! Jay had to go back to work, out of town, Mon-Fri every week when the girls were home for only a week. It was an experience, but we survived. Will is so cute anyway, so that should help pass the time real quick ;) lol

  3. I cried when I read this (could be postpartum hormones though)because it is so true. This is hard work. Good work. Awesome work, but hard work. I am glad we are first time mommas together. I am learning a lot from you! See you Friday?


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