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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sleep well baby Will

Sunday night after we left my grandma's birthday dinner things started to go downhill fast, he was pretty fussy at my grandma's but we didn't think anything of it. But when we went to put him down it took like two hours, he was just wide awake and hanging out. I fell asleep and Luke finally got me and said he couldn't handle it anymore, I got him down about 45 minutes later, only to get up again a short time there after.
At one of the times while I was up I was reading an article on getting your baby to sleep, it had some good pointers, but I didn't think it would work till he was a little older, Like getting him in a routine, bath, book, bottle bed... something similar to that.
Well the next night I thought it was worth a shot to start trying, what did we have to lose?! So I told Luke about it.
We went upstairs (before I was just feeding him wherever, with whatever else going on around us) We wiped down his little {adorable!} face and neck with a warm wash cloth, just had one small lamp on in our room, and things calm for the most part, I fed him in bed quietly, and then we all went into his room. Swaddled we layed him down with his sound machine on and just like that it was magic he was OUT!
Now it might be a coincidence, but we have done this every night this week and so far it has worked great!
Wednesday and Thursday night BOTH, The routine started at about 9:30, putting him down around 10 and he woke up around 3, That is 5 hours my friends!!!!!!!!!
Hoping it keeps going and eventually when his baby tummy grows a bit we will be at a whole night!

But we'll see, I have high hopes because my nephew was 8 weeks when he did a full night, but I have talked to two people this week that their kids were 8 and 9 months (wholly moly!)


  1. Yah for baby Will, 5 hours is awesome! And yes, bath, boob, bed routine does wonders. As he gets older, and you go back to work, you should gradually move bedtime up. I know it sounds crazy, but the earlier Jackson goes to bed, the better he sleeps. Nursing Will in the same, quiet, place is also an important part in the routine!

  2. Agreed to previous post. If Dom goes to bed at a decent time (between 7:30-8:15) he sleeps until 7, perfectly. If he goes down later (like last night he went down at 10 ish since we were at my parents) then he's up early (up and ready at 6:15 this morning!).

    And he might sleep through the night early. Dominick was almost 9 weeks exactly when he started consistently sleeping through the night with only a few fall backs since.

    Good luck! And I think the routine will keep working! Keep it up Momma! :)


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