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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fridays with Aunt Crystal...

Last Friday night Luke and I had our first night out, we had tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert. It is one of our favorite bands and we went to the concert last year and loved it!

We went with our friends Colleen and Ross who also love the songs, and are also expecting there first child February of this year, the are getting surprised with the sex and the anticipation of knowing if it will be a baby boy or baby girl friend for Will is killing us! Luke and Ross were great friends growing up and we would love if Will and "Max" can be as well, I forgot why but that is what they call the baby for now ;)

Back to my post.....

William got to go see one of his favorite people last Friday Aunt Crystal! Crystal has been going through a lot lately and was so excited to watch him, she loves her little nephew so much it is adorable. She took some very cute pictures of him, and got some love and cuddles in.
Also, Will had his second bottle (thus far) and did great, gobble gobbled down all four ounces! (which I think is what we are at right now, 6 weeks)
Luke and I also did good leaving him, we got one picture text of him eating his bottle which helped momma get through the night. Though by the end of the night momma's milk makers had a mind of their own! ;)
This past weekend, I of course am the best wife ever and sent Luke to my dads ranch to go deer hunting with the guys! He had a blast but no deer, fine by me!
My sister came over to spend the night Friday, we talk talk talked, till about 11:30, I was pooped! But it was so great to catch up with her and have the company! We might try to make it more of a regular occurrence.

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  1. Oh yay! Glad you guys got to have a night out and what a great date night! Love Zac Brown Band...Jay and I used to go see them at Gruene Hall when we lived in New Braunfels and it was sooo fun. Love the cute smiley pics of Will too, it is great that you have such an awesome sister. ;)


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