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Friday, October 22, 2010

Our busy Thursday -weewee update

Will and I in my office, 2 1/2 weeks old.

Mr. Will man and I had quite the busy Thursday!
After I posted about his little wee wee issue and thought I had it all getting taken care of I got a call from St. Louis Children's hospital that my insurance does not cover them because they are affiliated with Barnes, (BJC) the ONE hospital we cant go to on my insurance. I was immediately concerned because STL Children's is one of the TOP children's hospitals around, or in the nation I believe, and I wish that we could go there for this or anything else! After a couple hours of a very annoying phone call to our insurance company (GHP) the rep on the phone told me he has a list of 21 pages of urologists and I could just start calling to see which ones took infants, or he told me I could go to the doctor at children's and pay out of pocket... thanks dude. Dr. J, his pediatrician whom I adore called me from home or the hospital, I couldn't tell, but called me personally to discuss my other options. We came to the conclusion my only choice for another infant urologist (there are like 2 in the entire STL area!) was Cardinal Glennon. I called and made an appointment and was feeling much better.
Then next day I got a call from Saint Johns, after MORE research on our ped's part she found a urologist who could get me in next day and did not specialize in infants but saw them. GREAT! :)

ANYWAY! The Doctor we got into just happened to be right next to my work so I decided it was time to go in for a visit, and also face anything that needed attention. It was weird Thursday morning because to make it to all of this Will and I had to leave the house by 7:45 so it almost felt like a real work day, even though I usually leave much earlier still, I had to get up get me and a baby ready and get out the door.

Of course everyone at work loved him, and I'm sure my dad loved showing him off to everyone! Surprisingly everything there was calm and I didn't even end up taking any work home with me, yay!

I TRIED to feed him in the morning as late as possible but with being in and out of the car he was of course ready to eat every time he woke up. We did good in the waiting room but I was so scared for him and knew with a full belly it would be less traumatic. I tried to feed him for a second while we were waiting in the room, but of course this is right when the doctor walked in. This was just supposed to be an evaluation and we would come back another day for a procedure, but when the doctor saw him he decided he would just take care of this right then, (YAY!) I think he could tell I was nervous and he brought a nurse in to hold Will's legs. POOR baby, all I had to do was stand by his head... I had a binkie in his mouth (which we are only trying to use for desperate situations) and he was looking at me and sucking away and I stroked his head and talked to him. After a minute of this my poor baby looked at me and turned completely red and did not suck anymore because he was crying too hard. It did not take too long but long enough to produce some mommy tears to accompany lil Will tears. Good news is wee wee is fixed and while we have to keep an eye on it, and help it heal hopefully this is all over!

Will seemed to be happy in the car so we made a quick pit stop at babies r us. Some people tell you not to stock up on newborn diapers but for us I wish we would of started with lots more! It was his first trip to a store and he did great, I think he probably thought he was still in the car since he was just rolling around in the cart.

We got home and ate and then my mom and grandparents came over, my grandma brought homemade Greek stuffed chicken breasts, cabbage potatoes and bacon (my fav!) and peach cobbler. Not a bad lunch if you ask me! They stayed and visited for a while and even watched Will while I made a quick trip to Walgreen's. Needless to say before I knew it Thursday was over, and good thing daddy had leftovers to eat because I was pooped!

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  1. Glad everything is okay!!! Cardinal Glennon is wonderful, I wouldn't worry about not being able to use Children's.


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