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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My poor lil baby....

At the doctor last Thursday I told her it looked like his circumcision was healing good, she agreed and told me to pull back on the skin a little when changing his diaper, we noticed over the weekend that there just wasn't any skin to be "pulling" back on. I called Monday morning and went in today (Tuesday) for her to take a look. She agreed and looked (pulled at) his lil wee wee for a minute, my poor baby was laying there crying. Nothing makes your heart drop more than seeing someone you love in pain, Feelings rushed back from when we thought Boomer had cancer and had to have the doctor keep putting his hand up his butt, I hated this.

She pulled some skin back on the sides but on the top there is a bridge of skin that is not pull back able, for lack of better words. She is scared that when his wee wee goes to grow it will not be able to and referred me to a specialty urologist at Saint Louis Children's hospital. UGH!

Luckily (since I don't want to take my new baby to the children's hospital) they have some doctors that come out to a hospital by us a few times a month. We are going on Monday and they might have to clip this bridge, if they do I hope it heals correctly, and I hope we have some strong nurses there Monday to help me out, not sure I will be able to be in there and see him in pain.

I am so sad lil Will has to go through this, but I am glad we are getting it taken care of as quickly as possible and hopefully it will all heal correctly soon.

On another note, his belly button stump fell off! There was some blood underneath and I had the doc look at it today, all looks well, yay for regular baths for lil Mr.!


  1. Oh poor Will! Hope everything goes okay on Monday!!

  2. Oh no! Poor little guy :( I'm sure the procedure will go well on Monday and everything will heal up nicely. On another note, he sure is a little cutie patootie!

  3. Well this sounds better than the texts I got last night. I hope this all works out and he gets better ASAP!

    I understand your pain with hearing them cry. The first doc appointment that Dominick needed shots, his face turned so red and he cried so hard, I cried. The nurse said almost all moms cry the first time their babies get shots. It's hard.

    Good luck Will and get better soon!

  4. Aww, Poor Will! I hope his appointment goes well on Monday, I'll be thinking of you guys!!


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