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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Domestic Diva

So totally copying off Momma Wilson's blog post "Whats cookin"
When Meghan and I went to Time for Dinner one of the dishes I made was the breakfast burritos. Luke LOVED them, he just popped one out of the freezer and into the microwave and before I knew it they were gone!
Since I am at home I decided to try and make these, it was not very difficult and I think they are a great, easy, healthy breakfast!
I made them with:
Tortillas, I got an 8 pack (so 8 total bb made) of wheat, double the nutrition!
eggs, I scrambled 8 eggs and it seemed to be just enough
chopped up onion and green pepper
some shredded cheese, I used Mexican because that's all we had
and salsa, if these were for me I would probably double the cheese and omit the salsa but Luke likes it. I got all the ingredients ready then assembled four at a time to make distributing easy.
layer ingredients on tortilla on cling wrap, or wax paper
Check on baby boy sleeping upstairs... (really I had the video monitor downstairs so I know he was fine but I thought you'd like a pic)
All done 8 breakfast burritos, just freeze and they are prewrapped ready to microwave!


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