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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Weight

So everyone says not to worry about the baby weight, and of course when your days are filled making sure you are doing everything you can for another person, it IS the last thing on your mind....

People also say that a lot of it will come off on its own within the first couple weeks and that breastfeeding will help.

I am not worried about the weight one bit yet, but since week two has come and gone it has me wondering how much more will "fall" off on its own and how much is going to be my job.

I live in yoga pants for now and they suck in, so that is a plus, and the only time I am really not happy with the weight, is when I am feeding him. Probably because sometimes my shirt is pulled up and I am sitting and sometimes hunched over, not a good combination.

I am hoping Fall sticks around for a while longer so we can get some more walks in before it gets too cold out, but also the Halloween candy is not helping matters ;)

I also have NO idea what to eat for lunch, I am so used to bringing my lunch to work or going to get something. I feel like everything I choose at home is very unhealthy since it is just for me, I am not going to make a huge great lunch, just something quick and easy... I have not tackled this problem yet and honestly I have NO clue what to eat while at home.... I realize how stupid this sounds as I type it, but I guess it is just a problem I have never had to deal with before; I have always been in school then work, never at home to fend for myself.

I am sure there will be more baby weight posts and time goes on, so till the next time I'll try to stay away from the candy bowl that calls my name....


  1. turkey sandwiches, chips, granola bars and fruit for lunch, sometimes the same for dinner with a lil Ben & Jerry's works for me!

  2. and 16 months later, almost 20lbs less than pre-baby weight - my rolls are still there... they're our momma marks:)

  3. I say deli meat or barbecue a bunch of grilled chicken and freeze it and just put it in the microwave and have chicken sandwiches. My mom wouldn't survive if my dad didn't bbq chicken every once in a while.

  4. I totally agree with Kristen on this matter how much you lose,even for those of us that are smaller than we were pre-baby, your body is never the same. This is not necessarily a bad thing though b/c I can honestly say that I love my body so much more now that I know what it is truly capable of...growing little humans! You looked awesome at the reunion and I'm sure you will be back to feeling and for the most part looking like your old self in no time!

  5. It takes a while for the weight to come off. Callie is 8 months and I am finally back at my prepregnancy weight and trying to lose more. Even still my stomach looks nothing like it did before. Try fruits and veggies or snacks you would pack if you had to pack a lunch. Microwave meals may be good too. Give yourself time but if you are still having trouble getting the weight off after a few months you can try weight watchers online. It's only $15 a month and they have a program for nursing moms to make sure you get enough calories to keep your milk up.


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