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Friday, October 15, 2010

2nd doctor visit, and mommy drives!

Thursday we had William's second doctor visit, The day started off like any other, feeding and getting in things like brushing my teeth and hair in between! We had some food that needed to be eaten up so we managed to get a meal in the crock pot cooking for daddy, when I say "we" it is because William was hanging in the sling for the morning :)
It was my first time driving since baby and first time out of the house since Monday! Time flies when your taking care of something this cute! I did great driving, was not too nervous or anything. Will's doctor appointment also went great, of course he hates getting naked and getting weighed etc, all that will really take it out of ya when you are a measly 11 days old. But he is back up to his birth weight 8.8, which Dr. J was very pleased with, and since nursing is still going well we got the go ahead to let him be in control and do some more on demand feeding. Everything looks good and we will go back on November 3rd, he will be ONE month!

I also had a doctor appointment yesterday afternoon, so Will went to hang with Grandma (my mom) and I went to get the tetnis (whooping cough) vaccine, flu shot, and get some antibiotics for this awful cold I have (and still) am fighting. Also made it to Walgreen's to get my meds and some other things.

Some of my moms friends stopped by to see baby Will, and before we knew it, it was 7 pm, I hadn't napped and I had hit a BRICK wall. I was so exhausted from being out all day, not feeling the best, and no nap. We immediately headed home, I nursed right when we got there, handed off to daddy, and went straight to bed. Luke had me feed again 2 hours later because Will just wasn't happy and seemed hungry, so I feed him at 10 pm, then we got woken up at 2:20, yes my friends he slept from about 10:40 - 2:20 I was happily surprised. I have been setting my alarm for about ever 4-41/2 hours just in case but so far this little guy seems to know what and when he needs it!

I am not working (ok just a little) and still SO glad it is Friday, Luke hasn't complained once but I know he has to be ready for a break, I cant imagine working all day! We have his brother Jake coming in town to meet Will this weekend and a couple other friends but besides that we are super excited about relaxing as a family of 3... 4 :)

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  1. Um... I promise I will stop asking where to buy everything soon...but- WHERE DID YOU GET THAT GREAT SLING?


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