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Friday, September 10, 2010

You know your 9 months pregnant when.....

Just for fun ;)

- people no longer feel the need to say hello to you, they just say, "your about to POP when are you due!?!"

- people at work ask how much longer you will be there, like you have a plan for this sort of thing

- You cant put on your underware or bottoms anymore with out nearly falling over

- getting out of bed to pee in the middle of the night looks like you are gearing up to compete in the Olympics

- when you finally swing your legs around to get out of bed the dog JUMPS up at the near sight of your feet with so much fear that the "forever growing mommy" is going to step on you.

- You never knew making it through an 8-9 hour work day would be this. incredibly. hard.

- The jabs and kicks (which are still the BEST!) now stop you in your tracks and you can literally SEE him poking out!

- Appetite is gone! Food, is food.... pre pregnancy=food fanatic, during pregnancy=couldn't get enough and what better excuse!
9 months= if I eat one more thing I think my stomach my literally explode

- The seasons are changing but your clothing is not. Now that it is getting cooler out, I have nothing to wear, ALL my pregnancy clothes are for HOT HOT summer.
Last night I was sporting a long sleeved Remington (hunting brand) shirt.... classy.

- People ask you if you can fit in booths at restaurants
- People ask you if you need help when you have like ONE bag at the store (not complaining)
- People ask you if there's two in there
- People ask you if your ready. -this to me is hilarious, ready or not...!
- Random people ask if you are dilated, I do not mind when friends or family asks that is completely normal and I love to tell them everything, but I had a random (male) co worker ask me the other day if I was dilated or softened at all, I thought this was a little odd.

- Sex to bring on labor.... wait, what, how in the heck....?

- every time you feel a pain, twinge, or ANY thing you wonder if this. is. it?

I feel so blessed to be nine months pregnant and I cannot wait to meet my son! But this ninth month definitely comes with a few new challenges, cant wait to look back and laugh at these things!


  1. I love the one about the booth! I had a man at Denny's one morning ask if I'd fit in a booth or if we wanted a table. He was sooo embarrassed that he actually said it but I was totally thinking it so it was funny.

  2. This is hilarious Ashley and you will love that you took a minute to record all of this...once William arrives all of this discomfort will be a distant memory. :) I love the question about your cervix, I just think some people don't realize how personal it is when they ask! lol

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