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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home...with TMI.

I know this will be much different when there is (more) lack of sleep and a little one around to care for, but today I took my husbands advice and took a much needed day off. Besides going out of town and things this is probably the first day I took for myself the whole pregnancy. Yes it was nice to not get ready early this morning, and yes I took some naps but I have to say I am pulling my hair out, Luke will get home in about a half hour and I have been watching the clock for the past hour.
I worked from home for a bit in the morning and afternoon, took two naps, vacuumed, watched some shows and read my weekly trash OK. It was nice to have a "me" day and last night and this morning I was just feeling "off" so I am sure it was good for us, but seriously I am going to have to plan some major play, coffee, lunch, shopping dates while on leave!
I decided I should shower today, contemplated not but thought that might scare Luke as to what his wife is going to become at home all the time. As I was getting in the shower I noticed something a little different and it seems that I lost my mucus plug, I already had a call into my doctor about some other things so when she called back I mentioned this and she said it could mean soon but still could mean a week or so, so not too exciting but I guess good that things are moving down and in the right direction if you get my drift!

I bounced on my ball for a while and did some pelvis tilts but seems things are calm on the home front as usual.


  1. My sister in law is due the same day as you. Well, she lost her mucus plug on Monday and my niece was born Tuesday! ;-)

  2. Yay sounds like a baby is coming soon!! Lifes greatest blessing.... Thinking of you guys! -Jo


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