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Monday, September 27, 2010

Due Today!

Yes my friends today is my actual due date: Sept 27th 2010

No baby or signs of a baby yet, but trying to have high hopes that he will come this week to meet us! I've had pretty bad back pain this morning so of course that has my hopes up, and I have read two emails today that made me cry (happily) But I am normally emotional so that is nothing new...

William, I love you, I know you are super comfy, warm, and content inside lovely mommy but this world has so many great people dying to meet you and so much in store for you, you should really come out soon and start to check it out! But if not and you get "evicted" next Monday, that is okay too, whatever you think is best little buddy.

A co worker told me today (yes I am at work, why not ;) that if I have him Friday his birthday will be 10-1-10, that would be cool... but there are also other reasons I would like to avoid Friday if possible... but actually any day you want William, just pick it and come on out, ohh and try to not hurt mommy or take too long to come in the process!

When a baby is late guesses and "suggestions" definitely start happening. Here is what some people wanted your birthday to be:
Daddy says it will be 9-28 Mommy says 9-30
Uncle Pearson says it will be 9-31 (this is why we love uncle Pearson, because there is no 9-31) Aunt Crystal says it will be 10-4
Grandma wants it to be SOON, Grandpa wants it to be 27th 28th or 29th, OR the 4th
Gi Gi wants it to be 28th or 29th
Aunt Angie wanted it to be last week
Grandpa Wilson wants it to be 27th,28th, or 2nd, or 3rd Grandma Wilson wants it to be the 4th
Aunt Meghan wants it to be the 29th
Aunt Kristen wanted it to be last week

Going to the doctor today for a check in and non stress test so will update tomorrow!

Happy Due Date to me and my little boy, I've very much enjoyed the last 9 months!

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  1. What's the word,Mama?!!! Keep us up-to-date! I am dying to find out what to expect!


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