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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doctor visit 36 weeks

Yesterday at the doctor after a LONG wait and a little complaining by me I went in to see the nurse practitioner, I don't really care because they don't do too much at these appointments anyway! I have gained about one pound since last week (last appt) and all is normal, (I am a boring patient as usual) William is such a good boy and head down, and getting settled into my pelvis, they know this because I was 35.5 cm last week which means I should be about 36 or 36.5 this week and I was 35, so he is getting down there!
This exam hurt a lot more than the last one and I am still not dilated, but well on my way! Cervix is soft, which means it is getting ready to start dilating. I think I may have had some random contractions which she said will help get things moving along.

Went to dinner at cheesecake factory afterwards with Meghan and Michelle, food was great, cheesecake was better, and the best of course great conversation with my favorite girls!

Looking forward to a three day weekend!


  1. sorry you had a long wait! I hated that too. Hopefully little William will be here soon, I really want to meet him:) Love you guys!

  2. ugh I had a long wait too while the nurses & docs gabbed outside my room! ugh hello i am 9 months preggo sitting here with no pants on and a paper blanket, lets get this show on the road!!!

  3. This waiting at the end is the worst! Waiting for the doctor, waiting for the baby... I'm very patient, can you tell? And, I second Shay's comment about the blanket. They don't use paper at my doc, but it doesn't quite cover me like it used to!


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