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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3rd to last weekend?

Things are coming to an end, meaning they will just not be the same soon. It will be better of course because we will have a handsome little man to share this beautiful world with, however even the smallest of things will be different. We will have to have a plan and pack way more every time we leave the house, or we will have to have a sitter, or we will have to plan around nap and eating schedules. I am fully aware of all of these things which is why I am trying to make the most out of these last few weeks. I am still working, if not I would be sitting at home driving myself nuts, still making it to lots of events, and trying to get in as much "fun" time as possible!
Saturday we drove out to Columbia for my friend Ashley's surprise birthday party, she was so shocked and I wouldn't of missed seeing her face as she walked in the door! Priceless! Ashley makes so many trips from KC to STL to see me, Luke, and our friends here. She always goes above and beyond for me and she truly puts meaning to the word friend.
Ashley's closest friends, what a special memory for her!

We got home late Saturday night but still made it to church Sunday morning, then off to meet some friends to go to the Rams home opener. We went with our friends Collen and Ross who are also expecting their first baby at the beginning of 2011! They boys had a great time and the girls got a lot of talking in, ha! With traffic after the game it was another late evening and needless to say we were exhausted... hate how fast Mondays come BUT, Two more weekends max!

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  1. Thank you so much for coming to Como - I know you've been exhausted! But it meant so much to me, wouldn't have been a party without the Ashley's together again! ;) Love you!


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