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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

39 weeks

39 weeks: Your baby's waiting to greet the world! He continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it's likely he already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.

At each of your now-weekly visits, your caregiver will do an abdominal exam to check your baby's growth and position. Also an internal exam to see whether your cervix has started ripening: effacing (thinning out), and dilating. But even armed with this information, there's still no way for your caregiver to predict exactly when your baby is coming. If you don't go into labor on your own, most practitioners will induce labor when you're between one and two weeks overdue.

At my 39 week appointment I am still 1 cm dilated and about 50% effaced, this is all good. We talked and decided to give William till October 4th to come out on his own, otherwise were coming in to get him! I also decided to have the doctor do a procedure to strip my membranes, sometimes this will help bring on labor, if it works it will work within 24-48 hours, here's to hoping! If he doesn't come this week I go back to the doctor Monday the 27th (my official due date) for a non stress test to make sure baby is ok in there another week and another exam, I could also have her do the membranes again on Monday.
I am happy with all of these things, as bad as I want to meet William I know it will be best if he decides his birthday on his own.
I am going to work the rest of the week and see how everything wraps up to decide if I will work next week or not. If I don't it would be great to rest, clean, and get ready, but I also might drive myself nuts waiting at home. I am always busy and a big multitasker not sure quite what I would do with myself!

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  1. Oh my word!!! Hope everything goes well at work this week!!! So close!


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