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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What time was Luke's appointment?

Tooth Hurty!

Ahhh ha ha! Well poor Mr. Luke has had a pretty bad tooth ache, he doesn't have dental insurance but all of his insurance is getting switched over to mine since we will soon be on a family plan, so he will have dental along with a much better health plan starting on September first. Well he just couldn't take it any longer so he went this morning to an emergency appointment and got it taken care of, he will probably have to go back again for more work, But hopefully he is feeling better soon.

This summer has been a whirlwind of trips, weddings, showers, and more! We have enjoyed it but who isn't looking forward to fall!?!?

The past two days it is about 70 degrees in the morning it is such a nice change of pace from the hot sticky humid weather I have been dealing with! It is just awesome out, and I have high hopes that it will stay, whadda think!?

This weekend also marks the first weekend since May or June that we do not have planned obligations! (Of course this is when Luke gets a toothache!) Saturday we are both getting physicals to get approved for life insurance, then it will be spent with two different groups of friends at two pool parties, so hopefully some fun in the sun and nice relaxing and hanging out time.

Also hoping for this weekend...

- bags packed for the hospital

- Car seat bases installed in both cars and inspected at fire station

- Lots of laundry and cleaning around the house

- Boomer gets shaved and groomed tomorrow, getting all ready and pretty to meet his little brother!

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  1. The weather has been gorgeous!! I love it. But you know in another week it will be 100 again...and then it will snow the next week. Gotta love St. Louis weather!

    I hope Luke feels better asap!

    Good luck with your plans this weekend! Less than a month now!!! I hope! ;-)


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