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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pick 10! Or some....

Ok friends and fellow bloggers time for your help! As if I wasn't already bad enough at making life altering decisions like this, pregnancy brain makes it even harder! ;)

See my post about maternity pictures and tell me what your favorites are! I need to pick ten to include on a cd, but even if you just tell me some of your top picks it would help!

Thanks in advance!

go HERE click on proofing and type in ashley1


  1. Ok! I just went through your pictures for the millionth time! lol and here are my fav's:
    4,9,16,23,25,28,31,38,41 and 44.

    Good luck! There are a TON of great ones so no matter what you pick you'll get some good ones!

  2. 3,5,27,29,39,40,46,50,51 They all are great!!


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