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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It is 3 am and I am suddenly awakened with the shooting mind numbing pain sensation in my wrists and hands. I lay and try to shake it off, I of course go to the restroom, and I keep rolling my wrists and shaking my hands to try to get this horrible pain to go away. It feels like they are broken so moving them is like torture.... I love my bed, I love my sleeping husband, I love the adorable sleeping dog next to me, I want to stay here forever. Please don't let the clock really be saying 4:30 am, that means I have one hour of sleep till the alarm goes off, maybe if I..... nope cant skip the shower, did that yesterday.... I could skip blow drying the (enormously thick) hair.... how many more days till maternity leave?
The alarm clock and narcolepsy are not my friends....

Here is what baby center says:
Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, burning, pain, or a dull ache in the fingers, hand, wrist, and even up the arm to the shoulder. In severe chronic cases, your hand may feel clumsy or weak.Symptoms usually affect both hands and can appear at any time, but they're more likely to begin or worsen in the second half of pregnancy when women tend to retain more fluid. The symptoms usually go away gradually after you give birth, as the swelling from pregnancy subsides.
If your symptoms bother you at night, shift your sleeping position and try to prop up your arm with a pillow or two when you feel the twinges. Avoid sleeping on your hands. If you wake up with pain, try shaking your hands until the pain or numbness goes away.If you have a lot of discomfort at night, try stabilizing your wrist in a neutral position (not bent) with a splint or brace. A neutral position allows the carpal tunnel to be slightly wider.

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  1. Oh girl I feel for ya! I developed carpal tunnel when I was pregnant with the girls and it was no fun at all! I would go get yourself a brace, or two if you need one for both hands. Once I got one, it helped tremendously! hugs


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