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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

obsessed with checks!

Anyone who knows me knows I love lists, and checking things off of lists! This weekend we got a lot crossed off our to do's and hunni do's! ~ Boomer groomed and shaved and ready to meet his brother: Check! and here is the handsome little man enjoying some time outside with his daddy Sunday.
~Car seat bases installed in both cars, need to get inspected but they are pretty idiot proof: Check!
~ Spent some time with friends at two pools, two things we will not get to do for a while, hang out with friends and go to the pool, Saturday was a great day: Check!
~ Cleaned house, did laundry: Check!
~ Swept up basement, swept our garage and organized a little: Check!
~ Luke did some yard work, in my mind not a necessity but it is one of his biggest pet peeves: Check!
~ Started packing for hospital, got most of my things I could together and started a list of last minute things to grab: Check!
~ As of today, all thank you notes are out for all gifts we have received: Check!

~ took TWO naps on Sunday, a morning and afternoon nap, just what this lady needed: Check!

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