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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Monday, please go away...

It is a new week, I am trying to be positive about this, but sometimes we just need ONE more day in that weekend don't we?

We went to Tablerock Lake this weekend again, this time for Luke's mom side of the family. The trip was good and it was good to see some of her relatives again because we haven't seen them since our wedding. But with being sick last week, and the never ending hotness of summer I started feeling pretty sick yesterday. After we finally made it home (that is one long drive and I am too huge to fit any good way in the car to get comfortable) we were supposed to meet up with some family I had in town but had to call it a day.
I felt nauseous all night to the point I was just sitting on the bathroom floor waiting to throw up, that is the worst.

Busy at work since I left work early Friday and feeling better, but trying not to jinx anything.

Thinking of hiring someone or a company to mow and do our yard for us to lighten Luke's load...

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  1. Agreed. I've been feeling nauseas since Friday....blah. Wish it was already Thursday or something!! Feel better soon!


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