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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where'd 30 weeks go? VENT!

I am 30 weeks pregnant this week, however somehow the week has gotten away from me. Maybe it is coming back from out of town, maybe it is because I have a big work load this week, or maybe it is just....this....week....
I have felt extremely overwhelmed this week, with everything.
Yesterday I had a dentist appointment, just a cleaning, I go every 6 months. My regular dentist is still out by my moms house so I was looking to find one closer. I was also glad I was getting this done because it will be one less thing to have when William is here. (I just scheduled my last haircut before he gets here!) So in I went for what I thought was a normal cleaning, I cant even get xrays right now so everything is usually pretty quick. About an hour later I was back in my car, teeth not cleaned, and I was calling Luke crying (yes I am an emotional wreck normal so me with these hormones is overload, but I was really worried)
In the hour I was there she used the laser cavity finder, that went fine. She then took measurements of my teeth for signs of decay I guess, and proceeded to tell me that I have gum disease, I have quite a few teeth that are in the 5 mm and 6 mm range which is a high number of tooth decay (they measure it in mm) I was shocked. Gum Disease! I am 26 and have never had problems with my teeth before, ever. She went over what a treatment plan would be for this and then said I would have to come back every 3 months to get them treated. For a year, fine for two years, fine... but no she said it would be for the rest of my life!
After this the "dentist" came in, I am not trying to be judgemental because plenty of people in my industry probably think I don't know anything because I am young, but not only was this guy young, he looked like he partied to hard last night and didn't have time to get ready for work. As he went over everything with me, he told me how my teeth will end up falling out from this etc etc, he also said I need to get all FOUR of my wisdom teeth out.... keep in mind I have not had any x rays at this place and I only have one of four of my wisdom teeth in so there is no way he could of seen anything. Also they are not causing me any problems at all. THEN he pulled up pictures on this screen of my teeth and showed me two fillings he would want to replace. I was so overwhelmed at this point I didn't know if I should laugh or cry at this man. All I wanted to do was ask him if he was married or had kids, you don't tell a 7 month pregnant person they need all of these things done, I am trying to wrap my head around giving birth right now and that is the #1 priority. I say this because this "dr" was thinking I was getting ALL of this done last night!
Person #3 then comes in, the insurance lady, and had already pulled my insurance and everything I needed done and told me how much it would all cost etc etc... I guess they were waiting for the go ahead from me to get the drilling started!
After I made it clear I wasn't going to get anything done right then and there much less with in the next two months while pregnant, I mean God forbid something would go wrong and I would get an infection or something, I cant even be on antibiotics! I asked a few more questions to the dental hygienist, then she walked me up front. I decided to make another appointment since I still had not gotten my teeth cleaned and apparently needed some other work done. When we couldn't find a day that worked (and believe me they tried, they were doing everything they could to get me back in there) the appt making lady was like "you really need to take off work and get this done for the sake of your baby" WHAT! Are you kidding me? I already take off work all the time for my OB appointments and just another thing you don't say to someone 7 months pregnant. I do and try everything I can to be the healthiest I can be for the baby and now you are telling me I am doing something bad, when I am sure there are lots more people than me who neglect their teeth, remember I am going every 6 months! I was so annoyed I made and appoint for October (since she told me I am on maternity leave then so it is ok, really none of her business if you ask me) I left there so flabbergasted...

Luke doesn't have dental insurance, he has perfect teeth and rarely has anything wrong so about a month ago we paid just for him to get a normal cleaning at a place by our house. They also used the laser cavity finder and told Luke he has 8 cavities, also tried to sell him on invisline, and whitening.

Are these new places with these new expensive machines just trying to make a buck?
Are these new machines great and truthful and now we can get things fixed we didn't know about?

I am going to get a 2nd opinion from my dentist out by my moms house, But if I DO have gum disease and need it treated, why didn't that dentist know about it?

I also thought I had the childcare situation worked out and now I am second guessing my choice... I will leave that for another day though, better get back to work. Thanks for listening to my novel/vent if you are still reading... trooper!

Here is what I feel like at 30 weeks July... in St. Louis!


  1. Okay, all I have to say to that is F' them! My dentists wouldn't even fill a cavity until after Jackson was born. And, hello, pregnancy does weird shit to you... like sensitive gums. This could all completely fix itself after William is born.

    Count to ten, relax, and have some ice cream:) loves!

  2. I'm glad you didn't let them do anything last night...that all sounds too suspicious! Definitely don't go back - wish I knew of a place to recm'd to you there! I love my dentist so much in Como I still go back there from KC...I still have all my wisdom teeth, he goes by the motto, if it ain't hurtin' you, they're not bothering anything!

  3. My husband and I changed dentists last year for something similar. The first dentist we went to here after we got married checked my husband for gum disease and told him he had lots of 4mm, 5mm & 6mm. He hadn't been to the dentist in years, and has bad teeth because of being a premie so we didn't think much of it. Then, when I went, they told me basically the same thing. I have never had problems with my teeth, and thought it was fishy that I would have gum disease and never notice any symptoms. They wanted to do some kind of scaling procedure on both of us. So, I got a 2nd opinion at a dentist a lot of my coworkers use, and everything came out normal. I didn't tell them what the other dentist had said until after my exam, and they said they didn't know why the other dentist would say that. Definitely get a 2nd opinion by a dentist you trust!

  4. That just seems like way to much to be "wrong" if you get your teeth checked ever 6 months. I say rip off!!

  5. hey, don't worry about it! i went to the dentist last week and pregnant women are susceptible to "pregnancy gingivitis" or something like that. they told me to use dental floss religiously and to use mouthwash. i had some numbers that were pretty high (4's) in the back, and they said with plenty of brushing, flossing, and mouthwash I should be able to get my numbers down. I think all it really tells you is if you have gingivitis, not if your teeth are going to fall out! who do you go to by your mom's house? i go to Dr. Stegmann, he is over this way, that is why i ask. Good luck!

  6. I would not listen to that guy at all especially if he seemed hungover. I say go to someone else. I'm also nosy what dentist it was. My mom's brother is a dentist but he just retired and my dad and I aren't going to go to the new guy. I think we're going to one of my dad's friends but I'm still nosy. Good luck with everything and I wouldn't worry all that much!


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