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Monday, July 19, 2010

We're back!

We left Thursday afternoon for Tablerock Lake (about a 4 hour drive) we met Luke's dad side family there. There were 20 of us total, everyone had a good time, especially all the little cousins! Some went tubing and skiing out on the boats but Luke and I mostly hung at the pool and tried to stay cool. It was extremely hot this weekend, pregnant or not! I was a trooper most of the time, except at one point Luke and I took a walk and we were going up a hill and I had to stop and sit down, I thought I was either going to pass out from the heat or have a heart attack, Luke even felt my heat beating and couldn't believe how fast it was going! I have loved this pregnancy so much, but sometimes things like this really take it out of you, I am not one to slow down and take a break but I am trying to be better about this!

We made a big purchase recently for the baby, a new camera! I have been wanting one for a while, the one I have now I got right before a trip to Mexico when we got engaged. And we figured if we were going to get one my swell have it for all the baby pictures we will be taking and learn how to use it a little first! It is a big nice camera so we are still learning, but got some good shots this weekend, now we have to figure out how to get them on the computer. I may work on this tonight.

Boomer stayed with my grandma (Nana) while we were gone, she is so great to him and loves having him there! Except Boomer is very scared of storms, thunder, gunshots, and fireworks... so when St. Louis got hit with a huge storm, my grandma was in her lazy boy all the way reclined and Boomer jumped right on top of her and wouldn't move! She had to yell for my grandpa who was in the basement to come help get him off! Poor baby!

Nana also thinks Boomer has some eating issues, in reality he just doesn't eat a lot when we are gone, most dogs don't. But no matter what every time we are gone Nana and Grandpa do everything they can to make Boomer eat his food, when we went to spring training it was gravy poured over it, this weekend it was bacon once and cornbeef and hash (don't ask) Then they say he chows it down right away... well yeah duhh!

Needless to say Boomer has been up in our room since we got home laying down, not sure if he is pouting that the good food is gone, or trying to get over a tummy ache! What a tough life!


  1. Oh yes, shortness of breath can sneak up on you! Glad you guys had a nice vacation though. What camera did you go with?

  2. Glad you had fun down at the Lake!!!


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