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Friday, July 30, 2010

Some special gifts!

Mr. William has gotten some very special gifts these past couple weeks! It makes my heart warm with how much thought, love, and care everyone already has for this lil fella! My moms good friend Michelle and I have become close throughout the years and she of course is the one who made this amazing quilt for him. On the top on the barn it says the name of my grandparents farm which is also the name of the companies my dad started and now the name of his farm. Down on the bottom it is embroidered with his name. I don't care who you are, getting presents in the mail is just plain fun! Especially when you open the outer carton and inside you find something as pretty as this!
It was from my Aunt and two cousins, I thought about waiting for Luke to open it but quickly decided that would be just silly! Inside was the cutest softest blankie all embroidered for him! We love it SO much and it was one of the first times we have seen his name on something which made it very special!
My sister also made us a very special bassinet, she just wrote about it on her blog here. I cant wait till he is sleeping right beside me so soundly in something so special. I would like him to be a good sleeper (of course!) and be used to being in his room, but I think this will be perfect for the first few weeks and it is easy to transport so if I want to bring it down while I am sleeping on the couch or anything like that it will be perfect!


  1. Such sweet & loving gifts!!! Cute bassinet!!!

  2. You will love that blanket, we have the same one! It's on my must have list:)

  3. All so adorable and thoughtful gifts! I hope you don't mind a couple more... :-)


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