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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Showered with friends

Luke and his pops
One of my wonderful hostess's and I
William's first Carindals outfit, perfect for next Spring!
Adorable pacifier cupcakes
A Swing for our backyard, love it!

Saturday one of Luke's close family friends threw us a couples baby shower! They live on Lake Saint Louis and have an amazing house on the lake. It was a very nice, relaxing, fun day, and a great excuse to see some of our friends that are all busy with summer activities.
Guess this kicks off shower time for me, how exciting!


  1. William and Jackson are going to be lil twins! We have all of the same Cardinal's gear that you got:)

  2. Kaylyn has that same exact swing...actually 2 of at her house & one at Moma & Papa's! She loves it!


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