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Thursday, July 29, 2010

No, that is NOT what yours are used for...

So Tuesday night we had our forth "baby class" I was looking forward to the hospital tour this week, It definitely made things more real... I even got some butterflies when we went in the labor and delivery room. I cant believe I will be in that bed in just two months! There is one daddy in our class that to put it nicely "likes attention" he always has a question about everything, which I don't mind but when your questions are pointless it is 9 pm, we haven't been home from work yet, and we are hungry, the pregnant lady in me wants to tell him to cut the BS!
This week was by far the best, as we were discussing breastfeeding of course this mr. had a question.
Mr. "Don't laugh at my question I am completely serious"
my mind: don't start a statement or question like that or you are asking to get laughed at.
Mr. "Sooooo, Can I use MY nipples as like a pacifier for the baby, you know like something for it to sucks on?"
Class all starts laughing, another daddy even had to excuse himself, I am slap happy by this time at night so laughed, but Luke, who usually laughs, was so annoyed, like COME ON DUDE!
Teacher: Ummm no, we don't really do that
Mr. "ohh okay well I thought God put them there for a reason and I thought maybe that was it"

I swear some people.... Ohh and in case you were wondering his wife (or pregnant person) was jsut sitting there laughing the entire time.

Onto other news...
I had my 31 week check up yesterday, all went well, I have gained two pounds in the past two weeks and now am at a total of 20 pounds. Baby William is a good boy and is head down, and may have been in a funny position because I am still measuring 29 cm.
I have had some Braxton Hicks contractions here and there and the doctor will not worry till they go on more often but said it is my body's way of telling me to slow it down!

Then onto the dentist, my dentist. He checked me all over before anything was done and what did he find? NO signs of gum disease or tooth decay, I do NOT need two fillings replaced, my wisdom teeth do not appear to be harming anything if I am okay with them we will wait till xrays can be taken to determine anything, and he DID find a cavity, a new one.
How crazy, EVERYTHING that dentist told me was wrong and he didn't even find an actual cavity! I proceeded to ask a few questions and have my teeth cleaned, I will go back in 6 months for x rays, cleaning, and filling. Just didn't feel like getting anything done with something so precious growing inside me.
I don't know what the deal is, but I like my dentist opinion MUCH better! Also made Luke an appointment to go in October, I wonder if his EIGHT cavities are true, I doubt it!


  1. wow, I don't know which subject leaves me more speechless!!!

  2. That is crazy! I can't believe that guy - at least you guys had some entertainment! Glad your regular dentist was right!!

  3. Well I'm glad that you went to YOUR dentist and were able to leave with some peace of mind. I had a similar situation last year and it was NO fun at all. As far as that guy in your baby class, there are no words and I fear for the life of his child!

  4. I'm glad you were able to see a real dentist and get some answers!!

    Oh and if I were the hungry pregnant lady, I would have been NOT so nice. I would have told him that he doesn't seem old enough to have kids are you serious?!?!?

    Ditto to above post...his poor future child! Glad the tour was good! Hope you are ready for that room! Less than TWO MONTHS!! :)


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